Only one name unites the performance and reliability of a top-level product with the advantages of a small specialised manufacturer in chill technology. We do not manufacture blast chiller to seduce the eye, we build them to achieve results.


"The qualities that I appreciate in SINCOLD blast chillers are their versatility and
blast-chill speed but most of all, their silent operation as they are one of the devices
always in use in our kitchen. We have more than one SINCOLD blast chiller (given our
workload) and we use them daily for all kinds of dishes: from pasta to vegetables and
from meat to fish. I believe their other important characteristics are reliability,
longevity and the ease with which they are cleaned

Chef Marco Pavin  
"RISTORANTE AL SOLE" - Castello di Godego (TV), Italy

"In my work, I use more than one SINCOLD blast chiller for patisserie, for slow vacuum-cooked
meat and of course for blast chilling fresh fish. I had already used SINCOLD blast
chillers in the past and they proved to be long-lasting, quality products that never
give any problems. Furthermore, their performance is quite incredible from +20 to
-40°C in just a few minutes

Chef Marcello Fabbri 

"I have always loved ice cream in all of its variations. I am convinced that the recipes
must be alive and in continuous evolution. A professional approach and coherence in
quality have always been at the base of our success and represent the traits which have
lead us to choose SINCOLD

Gelato Master Gianpaolo Cianuri

Ice Cream Parlour "Il Gelato di Maestro Cinauri" - Perugia, Italy

"What excites me is the ability to trust the blast chiller to complete and therefore
perfect a productive cycle. I am convinced that the client can sense love, knowledge,
dedication and desire when tasting food and they expect us to offer a certain
coherence and continuity in our refinement; qualities that are family traditions in my
patisserie. I have chosen SINCOLD because efficiency, reliability and longevity are
extremely important qualities in the life of my business. A state-of-the-art and
pleasantly designed blast chiller reinforces the quality image that I wish to project to
my clients when they visit my work space

Master Luigi Cappelletto

Bakery&Pastry "Cappelletto Luigi" - Camposampiero (PD), Italy

"Decades of experience in the world of large-scale distribution has always gone
hand in hand with research and innovation, to always ensure our products are of the
highest quality. SINCOLD allows us to maintain and speed-up the standards we have
achieved, helping us to increase quality and reduce the delivery times to our clients

Manager Massimo Zanin

G.D.O. "La Gastronomica" - Padova, Italy

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