11 December 2019

2020: a year full of news

This year at Host 2019 in Milan we introduced a preview of several innovations that will mark the future world of blast chillers. These new solutions will be available in 2020.


The High Efficiency Green Solution

The independent temperature management system is available for single appliances and allows energy saving and respects the environment.

Zero Impact CO2 are eco-designed compliant condensing units for R744 refrigerant gas with GWP of 1.
Natural and efficient solutions with a short payback period.

Adaptable, efficient and easy to install,
Zero Impact Co2 units guarantee an effective temperature control by modulating the frequency of the compressor in order to adapt to the load required.


A New Interface For Appliances Always Connected

A new larger touch panel with an easier and more intuitive operating system.

Now you can control the status of your blast chiller at any moment by checking its functioning from your smartphone. Get a quicker diagnosis in case of malfunction, reduce downtime and save on maintenance costs.

- Wi-Fi connection (optional), Ethernet, SD and USB connection as standard

- Custom programs upload, software update and HACCP download via USB port

- Watch tutorial videos directly on the control panel

- HACCP alarms and HACCP recording for
- a constant monitoring

- Multilanguage: all languages available (upon request)

- Fully integrated ozone sterilization and deodorization system (optional)



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